Month: February 2017

What Has Stargazer Been up to Lately?

Hello! We’ve had more than a few followers and customers asking about how and what the company has been doing lately, so we figure we’d take a little time to fill everyone in. Whether this is your first time encountering us or if you’re a long time follower, this update will give you a snapshot of where Stargazer Cast Iron is as of February 2017.

Transition to a New Partner Foundry

You may have already heard about this, but we recently partnered with a new foundry as it became clear that our previous one did not have the capacity to keep up with our increasing amount of orders. We were able to take our pattern for our 10.5-inch skillet (our first and currently only product) with us, and our new partner foundry is producing skillets with the same quality and detail as our previous one. You can read more about our foundry change HERE. There have been a few kinks to work out in the transition, but we are confident that this change will serve our company well going forward.