Month: June 2018

The Perfect Skillet Carrot Cake

As we mentioned in the previous cast iron skillet dessert post we shared, one of best things about cast iron is its versatility. You can perfectly sear your pork chops in your Stargazer skillet one day, and then bake a memorable skillet carrot cake in it the next.

And speaking of skillet carrot cake (see what we did there?), we just so happen to have an amazing recipe for this very dish! This carrot cake will melt in your mouth with just the right amount of sweetness. One bite of this cake, and your guests will think you’ve been secretly apprenticing for the Cake Boss.

What Is the Ideal Weight for a Cast Iron Skillet?

There are a lot of theories and preferences about the ideal weight for a cast iron skillet. Our CEO and Product Designer Peter Huntley is going to walk through his thoughts on the subject and explain why the best skillet isn’t necessarily the lightest.

One of the things we all love about vintage cast iron cookware is the lighter weight. It’s easier to maneuver on the stove, easier to lift and easier to pour from. Given that most people’s first complaint about cast iron is that it’s too heavy, it seems like the goal should be to make a skillet as light as possible. But it’s just not that simple.

Putting aside the composition of the material for now–we can discuss that in another post–the weight of a cast iron skillet comes down to two factors: the thickness of the material and the design of the handle. It’s really just those two things.