Our Story

In the cast iron marketplace, we’re the new kid on the block. Stargazer Cast Iron was founded in 2015 by three old friends with a shared vision: creating the best cast iron cookware around.

It started with an obsession. Peter Huntley, professional designer and hobby cook, went searching for the perfect skillet and came up empty-handed. Dissatisfied with the options on the market, he turned to vintage cookware to find the quality he was looking for. After nearly a year of collecting, restoring, and cooking with vintage cast iron, he saw the untapped potential and decided it was time for something new. He created a unique cast iron skillet from the ground up: reimagined, redesigned, and revitalized. Huntley enlisted the help of two friends to bring the vision to life and Stargazer Cast Iron was born.

Our cookware is made using the same proven materials and manufacturing processes that were used over one hundred years ago, now aided by CNC machining for unrivaled precision. Our designs are practical and our quality is second to none. We believe we have created the finest cast iron skillet available today, or anytime for that matter.

Our Team

Peter Huntley


Product designer and big-picture thinker. Hot sauce aficionado. Owner of many guitars.

Dan Stefan


Keeps an eye on the numbers. Yelper. Bargain hunter. Gastronaut.

Luke Trovato


Manages marketing and social media. Fantasy sports champion. Trusts the Process.

Our Mission

Our goal is to sell quality cookware at a fair price, while maintaining as much transparency with our customers as possible. For this reason, we have decided to establish our business outside of the traditional retail system and sell our products to you directly. No wholesalers or distributors, no middlemen, no unnecessary markups. It’s a little more work for us but a lot more value for you.

We pledge to run our business with as little impact on the environment as possible. We manufacture our cookware using a significant amount of recycled metal. After production, our casting molds are broken down and reused to minimize waste. Our packaging is made from 100% recycled paper.

We are committed to making our products entirely here in the United States at a time when this is increasingly hard to find. We’ve seen too many great American companies move their production overseas in the last decade. Even worse, there are quite a few products on the market labeled “made in USA” that are in fact just assembled here from imported parts. Well, that’s not for us. Every step of our process happens here: mining, casting, machining, finishing, and seasoning. Even our packaging is made in the USA! We’re very proud of this fact, and you can bet we’re here to stay.