Order Timing

Order Timing

A Note About Order Timing

NOTE: The following information pertains to timing about new orders. If you have a question about an order already placed with us, please email us at info@stargazercastiron.com.

Due to high demand for our skillet right now, there is a brief wait time for new orders. An order placed today will ship in November. We know it’s not fun to have to wait for such a great skillet, but we’re increasing our capacity and working hard to cut down on the wait time.

Gift Notices

We also know that some of you are interested in giving this skillet as a gift, and you’re wise to do so since our skillet is super giftable. We have a gift notice available free of charge to give as a placeholder. It is printed on a sheet of high-gloss photo paper with a picture of the skillet as well as a note signed by our CEO Peter Huntley, letting the recipient know that his or her gift of a Stargazer Cast Iron 10.5-inch skillet is on the way.

Stargazer Gift Notice-Signed

These notices are ready to go out, again free of charge, to any customers who are interested. Just place your order as usual (follow the PRODUCTS link on the menu bar), then email us at giftnotice@stargazercastiron.com with your name and order number.

Did you wait until the night before your wife’s birthday to order her a skillet? Do you need a gift notice right now? Don’t sweat it, you can print the same notice yourself at home. Just click the above thumbnail to open a hi-res image and select PRINT in your browser.

Thanks for your patience and support!