10.5-Inch Skillet

10.5-Inch Skillet

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Bare: $80.00  + SHIPPING
Seasoned: $88.00  + SHIPPING




Dimensions: 19.4 x 10.5 x 3.3 inches
Weight: 5.2 pounds

Our cast iron skillet in 10.5-inch size. This is an all-purpose, everyday, medium-sized skillet, comparable to a vintage size #8. For reference, you can fit 3 burger patties in it but it would be crowded.

We offer our cookware in two finishes: bare and seasoned. Our bare skillet will arrive coated with oil and bagged to protect it from the elements. Just wash it and season it however you like. Our seasoned skillet has been seasoned by hand and will arrive ready to go, right out of the box.